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Arlington Lawn Care
Surface Insect Control

When surface insects invade your lawn and landscape, the damage can be considerable and long-lasting. As Arlington lawn care experts, we have designed a specific program to combat surface insects before they destroy your lawn. This quality application will wipe out populations of ants, ticks, fleas, spiders and more. Tackling these insects also means your family and home are protected as well. The Arlington lawn care professionals at 1-800-LAWN-CARE are happy to offer you a FREE consultation so you can learn more about our exceptional surface insect control program and get started on protecting your landscape today! For the best Arlington lawn care, call 1-800-LAWN-CARE today!

Lawn Service Arlington
Warning Signs of Grub Infestations

Grubs are the offspring of Japanese beetles. While the adults cause extensive damage to ornamentals, grubs can cause serious and permanent damage to your lawn that could cost you plenty in renovation services. As grubs feed, you will begin to notice thin, brown patches in your lawn, signaling that your grass isn’t getting the moisture and nutrients it needs to thrive. Let our technicians keep your lawn in check this season with superior lawn service Arlington from 1-800-LAWN-CARE!

Arlington Lawn Service
Preventative Grub Control

A grub-free lawn is best kept that way by being prepared for the season. We recommend preventative measures to ensure these destructive pests aren’t given the opportunity to compromise your beautiful lawn. Call the Arlington lawn service specialists at 1-800-LAWN-CARE today and schedule a FREE grub control consultation!

Lawn Care Arlington
Insect Control

The lawn care Arlington professionals at 1-800-LAWN-CARE employ the most effective insect control applications in the business. Our applications will stop insects from damaging your lawn. We even have treatments that will combat the most persistent insects and deter them from coming back. Don’t let bugs ruin the time and effort you’ve put into your lawn; call the lawn care Arlington pros at 1-800-LAWN-CARE today!

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