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Lakeland Lawn Care

Lakeland Lawn Care
7-Step Fertilization Program

  • Early Season (January/February): Our Lakeland lawn care specialists will apply a liquid pre-emergent weed control treatment to prevent the germination of summer annual weeds, including crabgrass. This application also controls existing spring weeds such as henbit, chickweed and wild onions.
  • Spring (March/April): The second application in our Lakeland lawn care program includes additional liquid pre-emergent to extend grassy weed control throughout the summer. We also spray for broadleaf weeds and apply granular fertilizer to encourage healthy grass growth.
  • Late Spring (April/May): A Lakeland lawn care technician will apply granular fertilizer for healthy new growth of turf and post-emergent weed control for remaining weeds such as nutgrass, crabgrass or broadleaf weeds.
  • Early Summer Fertilization (June/July): A second round of granular fertilizer is applied for continued healthy turf, as well as another dose of post-emergent weed control for nutgrass and crabgrass.
  • Summer (August/September): This round of granular fertilizer will support continued growth until frost appears and will help your lawn store energy for spring green-up.
  • Fall Pre-Emergent (October/November): A Lakeland lawn care professional will apply liquid pre-emergent weed control to prevent the germination of winter weeds, control existing broadleaf weeds and wild onions.
  • Winter (December): For the final application of the season, our Lakeland lawn care technician will apply lime to neutralize the acids in the soil. This increases the effectiveness of the weed control treatment and greater utilization of fertilizers. This treatment also promotes a healthy turf and will improve summer color.

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